A Commitment To Our Customers

A Commitment To Our Customers | Blades and Bits
To the left you will see our selection of diamond blades and other sorted diamond tools. Use this to navigate through our diamond tool site.
At the top you will see a category called “Saw Blades by Surface”, choose through the sub-categories by the application that you are going to be cutting. Inside each subcategory will be a list of diamond saw blades designed specifically for that application. Below the “Saw Blades By Surface” category you will find another category called “Specialty Tools”.

In this category you will find all other tools besides diamond saw blades including air grinders, back pad holders, diamond core bits, diamond crack chasers, diamond crown bits, diamond cup wheels, diamond chain, polishing pads, ring saw blades, saws, diamond tuck points, as well as some small diameter diamond blades.
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Blades and Bits has a complete line of diamond cup wheels that are used by contractors all over the world for a reason. They are built for high performance and their prices are economically stable. Blades and Bits has informed and knowledgeable customer care representatives eager to assist you with any questions about your diamond cup wheels or diamond blades related needs.


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