Choosing Between Dry & Wet Cutting

Choosing Between Dry & Wet Cutting | Blades and Bits

Using diamond saw blades provides a wealth of advantages. Their ruggedness allows them to cut through a large amount of materials with ease. Diamond saw blades are reserved for the most important and toughest jobs simply because they can do it all. While many of them can be used either wet or dry, there are great reasons to use each technique.

Dry cutting with diamond blades is reserved for small-diameter blades and handheld saws used for smaller, DIY-type jobs. While larger blades and saws can be used for dry cutting, the medium you’re cutting will ultimately determine if you use the dry technique. Dry cutting blades rely on airflow to aid in heat dispersion in order to keep the blade cool when in use. This can be controlled by the depth and width of the gullets on the diamond blades. Removing the blade from the medium and letting it run by itself will reduce heat on the blade’s edge for even faster cooling. It is important to only use the dry cutting technique with blades designated for dry cutting.

When it comes to wet cutting, this is the technique for which diamond blades are most popular and familiar. Wet cutting can be done with diamond blades for a wide range of materials. Many contractors and professionals use the wet cutting technique in order to get jobs done faster, cleaner, and more affordably. The wet blade cutting technique virtually eliminates particles from getting into the air and prevents the blades and medium from getting too hot. The wet cutting technique also helps produce the cleanest lines in everything from granite to porcelain. Blades will last longer and cut smoother saving you time and money!

Always match the type of blade you’re using with the medium you will be cutting to ensure you don’t prematurely dull your blade or damage the material. We list all the materials our blades can cut to ensure you find the right blades for the job well within your budget. Whether you’re using the wet or dry cutting technique, we have the best, toughest blades designed for cutting everything from concrete pipe to porcelain bathroom tiles. Shop our diamond saw blades now to find the right blades for your next project.

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