Choosing the Right Cutting Blades

Choosing the Right Cutting Blades | Blades and Bits

Diamond concrete cutting blades are believed to be the best choice for those who want to make professional, clean cuts on concrete. However, there are a variety of options and price levels within this category. Hence, to achieve optimal performance, users have to follow certain steps before purchasing a saw diamond blade.

  1. Analyze the material that needs to be cut.
  2. Decide between dry or wet cutting
  3. Make sure that the saw blade is well-matched with the saw
  4. Choose tools on the basis of their performance

Analyze the Material that Needs To Be Cut

It is important to match the blade closely with the material being cut. To slice a lower-strength concrete it’s best to use a diamond saw blade that has a hard bond. Similarly, for a high-strength concrete use a blade with a soft bond. As a common rule, experts recommend selecting a blade based on the concrete that has to be worked with on a regular basis. Most blades can slice a variety of materials.

Decide between Dry or Wet Cutting

Normally the decision of dry or cutting is dependent on the job at hand. Dry cutting eliminates mess and the requirement to have hoses and water tanks. However, suing a wet blade reduces dust. For indoor jobs, dry blades are the best option.

Make Sure That The Saw Blade Is Well-Matched With The Saw

It is important to match the saw blade with the saw speed. Using a blade at a speed that is lower than suggested can affect its performance and life. Similarly, going beyond the RPM rating can harm the diamond blade as well and be equally dangerous for the saw operator.

Choose Tools On The Basis Of Their Performance

What is more important: the total cost or the quality of the cutting blade? A blade can be selected after considering the nature of the work. For frequent use or bigger jobs, always settle for quality. In case it’s just a small, one time job, one can still compromise on quality.

After mulling over such points the user is armed with the right information to choose the right kind of concrete block blade or cutting blade needed for a sawing project. This way it becomes much easier to find out which product will fulfill requirements.

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