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Crack Chasers How They Work | Blades and Bits

If you would prefer to get the job done right, ensure you have the right tools and supplies on hand. Concrete crack repair is easier and you will get better results when utilizing one of our high-quality, high-speed crack chasers blades. What is a crack chaser? This is a specialized type of saw blade designed for repair work on asphalt, stone, concrete and other hard materials. Diamond crack chasers are preferred by building and concrete contractors as well as road repair crews because of their great cutting power and their long-lasting durability.

Diamond blades are made by bonding a diamond-laden rim to a steel core. These blades actually cut through hard materials by utilizing a grinding action of the diamonds, which are some of the hardest minerals known. A good diamond blade can not only grind through green and cured concrete, brick, block, stone and asphalt but also through nuts and bolts, rebar, PVC, wire, fiberglass, ductile iron and more. The name “crack chaser” comes from the blade’s ability to follow (or “chase”) a random crack in, for example, a concrete floor or asphalt road, and widen it sufficiently for the crack to be properly mended through the application of a special filler sealant. Another big advantage of a high-quality diamond crack chaser is its ability to widen a crack without chipping or otherwise damaging the surface surrounding the crack.

Crack Chaser Saw Benefits

Diamond-blade crack chaser saws provide numerous benefits to those using them. In addition to saving time and money, these saws also offer the following:
  • They can be used to cut through a wide variety of materials such as concrete, stone, brick, asphalt, granite and more.
  • The blades won’t chip or otherwise damage the surface you’re working on.
  • These saws can be used for both dry or wet cutting. Wet cutting (best for outdoor use) reduces the heat buildup in the operation, allowing your blade to last longer than those used for dry cutting.
  • The best-quality diamond blades will provide high strength, an extended service life and a durable finish.

Dozens of Uses

Crack chaser blades come in a variety of types at many price points, and they are designed for use on a number of materials. Here is a selection of blades offered by Blades & Bits, a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, fast-cutting, safe and durable diamond blades:
  • Low-priced, multipurpose Euro Seg and Euro Turbo
  • –The Professional J continuous-rim diamond saw blade designed especially for cutting marble, granite, stone, tile and porcelain
  • –Ninja, Super Sonic, Red Super Sonic and Hulk Signature, for cutting green concrete and asphalt
  • Orange Slice, T-Seg 15 Signature, for cutting cured concrete
  • GT Lion and Ironman Signature, for cutting ductile iron, steel and reinforced concrete
  • Tough Cut Pro, Grape Ape, Green Giant, Orange Slice and Hurricane Signature 15 for high-speed general-purpose cutting
  • Crack Seggy for high-speed crack chasing
Many of the above listed blades are able to do numerous different jobs, and each blade is well-described as to its particular purposes on its product description pages. Feel free to call us with any questions
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