DIY Steps to Cut Brick Pavers with Diamond Saw Blades!

DIY Steps to Cut Brick Pavers with Diamond Saw Blades! | Blades and Bits
While there are several tools you can use to cut brick pavers like a handheld circular saws, wet tile saws, miter saws and masonry saws, each one of them has a single component in common that helps cut the bricks – a special blade, Diamond saw blade! Constructing a patio out of brick pavers is well practiced do-it-yourself task done by most homeowners as it requires fewer skills and gives outstanding results.

The use of a correct diamond blade on a circular saw is the best option for cutting bricks as the diamonds affixed at the band of the blade allows you to cut smoothly and effortlessly through a solid material like brick.

Just follow these simple DIY steps to cut brick pavers :
  1. Take a circular saw as it is perfect to be used on hard materials like brick or granite. Select a right diamond blade specifically meant for cutting brick or other hard surfaces.
  2. Fix the diamond blade on the circular saw. Fine-tune the cutting depth of the saw to be a quarter inch less than the thickness of the brick paver. This will make sure that you will cut the brick and not your work surface. Check the instruction manual for directions particular to your saw.
  3. Measure the brick paver and mark where the brick should be cut, using a ruler and a chalk or pen.
  4. Put on a safety goggles and dust mask to guard you from dust and flying debris. You can use an extra stone cutting surface to place the brick and cut easily. Hold the Brick tightly with one hand and be careful that your fingers do not come in the way of the blade.
  5. Turn on the diamond bladed saw. Push the saw away in the opposite direction from you slowly and follow the mark while cutting.
  6. Power down the saw once you have finished cutting and check the brick carefully as you may want to sand down or shape the edges.

Right pairing of diamond blades with the saw is very important. Contact Blades and Bits for more information on diamond tools.
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