How Does a Diamond Blade Work?

How Does a Diamond Blade Work? | Blades and Bits

What Are Diamond Blades Made Of?

While most saws get the job done by cutting through materials, diamond blades are designed to “cut” by grinding. Diamond blades are composed of diamond bits with a metal core. Diamond blades are created by bonding a diamond segmented rim and steel core that is durable enough to remain intact while grinding against hard surfaces and materials. This bonding mixture is found on the outer layers of your diamond blade to hold the diamonds in place while it grinds and cuts materials.

The better the quality of the diamond, the longer the diamonds will be able to maintain their abrasive shape over time, maintaining its heat resistance. The exposed diamond crystals bonded to the diamond blade grind against materials, passing through them to produce a clean, straight cut. As you use your diamond blade, the consistent agitation and abrasion that comes from grinding will begin to wear out the outer layer of diamonds. The grinding exposes the diamond bits underneath which are just as abrasive and perfect for grinding. The newly exposed diamond bits will continue to create perfect, clean cuts. Once all of the exposed diamond crystals have been completely ground off the rim, the diamond blade will no longer grind and will need to be replaced. The diamond blade you choose will be determined by the type of material you are cutting.

Our Super Sonic diamond blade is specifically designed for cutting cured and green concrete, asphalt, concrete, and brick. Our Euro Turbo diamond blade is designed for cutting granite, stone, and tile. While all of our diamond blades can be used for dry cutting applications, wet cutting reduces heat, which will make your diamond blades last longer and can prevent materials from cracking when cut.

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