How to Use Cup Wheels For Surface Preparation

How to Use Cup Wheels For Surface Preparation | Blades and Bits

In construction, surface preparation is crucial to the first stages of treating a hard surface of building material to increase its ability to adhere to coatings. Coating performance is affected by the quality of surface preparations. Coatings are a vital part of the construction process that provide your materials, like steel, with protection against corrosion. At Blades & Bits, we pride ourself on providing you with top-quality diamond grinding cup wheels that can help you achieve clean and smooth surfaces, with no swirl line finishes, at an affordable cost. With one of our diamond grinding cup wheels you can resurface materials like concrete, granite, steel and more.

Diamond grinding cup wheels are ideal for manual labor job tasks that require you to cover a large amount of surface area. Cup wheels are designed to be durable and reliable during the tedious and aggressive nature of grinding during the resurfacing process. Super-abrasive segments, like diamond, that are attached to their circular shaped metal core helps with resurfacing. Open spacing segments clear the way for debris that has been chipped away from the surface to safely allow your cup wheel to spin faster and cut smoother while you resurface concrete, stone and more. Large diameter cup wheels are more stable and spin faster, while smaller diameter cup wheels are best for smaller sections of surfaces or edges. We’ve put together some of our best cup wheels to help you find the right cup wheel to meet your specific needs.

Twister Pro Cup Wheel

The Twister Pro cup wheel is designed to withstand aggressive, rugged and frequent use. This diamond grinding cup wheel can smooth out stone, masonry, limestone, PVC and more soft bond materials with almost no swirl marks on the toughest resurfacing jobs. With non-threaded and threaded options and multiple sizes, you can find the right cup wheel to get the job done! The threaded and non-threaded options allow you to pick a wheel that can help with aggressive removal of old coatings and debris, as well as reshaping and smoothing out soft bond materials. The Twister Pro cup is designed to outlast other cup wheels while providing you with a high-powered wet or dry-use application cup wheel for the toughest applications.

Storm I Grinding Up Wheel

The Storm I cup wheel is durable and versatile which makes it ideal for building materials like concrete, stone, slate, tile, marble and other equivalent soft bond materials. With a size range of 4-inch to 7-inch, this cup wheel is perfect for tough jobs on a budget. The Storm I cup wheel can be used in both dry and wet applications for fast, easy resurfacing jobs. It’s versatile nature allows you to knock out smooth resurfacing with fast grinding and rough deburring, saving you time and money. Our selection of Storm I cup wheels will get your resurfacing job done fast and can be shipped worldwide today!

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