One of Our Most Versatile Diamond Blade

One of Our Most Versatile Diamond Blade | Blades and Bits

Whether you’re a contractor or DIY homeowner, if your projects require you to cut a wide range of materials, you’ll want a blade as versatile as your needs. Longevity and affordability are vital to diamond blades, so finding a single blade able to handle virtually any material can be a lifesaver. That’s why we recommend the Super Sonic High Speed All-terrain diamond blade. This blade can be used on multiple types of saws including table saws, walk-behinds or handhelds and comes in a wide range of diameter sizes. So, let’s dig in to find out why the Super Sonic is such a great blade!

The Super Sonic diamond saw blade has all the bells and whistles necessary to make it our most versatile blade. The slanted drop segs and deep gullets keep all cut aggregate, debris, and water (if you’re using it on a wet saw) out of the way which allows for improved airflow and reduces heat. The vented steel core delivers additional airflow helping the blade drive through materials more cleanly and without overheating from frequent use. Better airflow means cleaner cuts. This high-performance blade has diamonds with multiple grit sizes to accommodate the various materials you’ll need to cut and the 9/14 segment height keeps this blade in action longer than most any other blade you’ll find.

Having a single blade that can do it all is a great way to save time and money on any project. Blades are expensive and take time to frequently change; and in the contracting business time is money. You need a diamond blade that can last, is affordable, and can cut anything you put in front of it from brick and block to concrete and asphalt.

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