Preventing Cracks when using a Diamond Saw Blade

Preventing Cracks when using a Diamond Saw Blade | Blades and Bits

Cutting clean lines with a diamond saw blade can be a lot more difficult than it sounds. Many factors must align in order for the particular material you are cutting to properly react to the blade’s edge. Dull or chipped blades will definitely cause problems, as will using the wrong blade speed, mounting hardware, and all together wrong blade. So, we’re going to go through a few of the most important tips to save you time and money when using diamond saw blades.

Make Sure It Fits

Yes, you have to make sure you’re using the right saw blade for the material you’re cutting, but you also have to make sure that everything else matches right up, too. You should always make sure the arbor hole matches perfectly with the saw’s mounting hardware or you’re using the correct adapter. If all elements are not properly aligned, the diamond blade may wear unevenly, chip, crack, or break the blade and/or your tiles.

Wet Cutting

Using water with electrical equipment can be a somewhat precarious endeavor. With cutting tile and many other materials it’s the best option, and considering that snap cutters will break most delicate materials, wet cutting it is! When using water and electricity, they must both be carefully monitored. The water must be able to flow freely enough to keep the blade cool while ensuring that the electrical cord and connections never get wet. The connections between the saw blade and electrical cord should be slightly elevated off the ground high enough without causing water to trail towards the outlet. For drainage, a long water hose leading far away from all electrical equipment is best, but using a large bucket can do the trick, as well.

Safety First

If you’re planning on using a diamond saw blade, make sure to pick up all necessary safety gear before getting started. Diamond saw blades spin at a high rate of speed and even the most experienced contractors likely have a few scary close calls that make them glad they were using protective gear. So, don’t take any chances with this one. Always use protective eyewear, a respirator or dust mask, and never wear loose fitting clothes.

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