Safety Tips while Working With Diamond Blades At Home!

Safety Tips while Working With Diamond Blades At Home! | Blades nd Bits

May it be stones, concrete, bricks, masonry, asphalt, marbles, tiles or any other stone-like hard surface, a diamond blade can cut these with ease and utmost precision. This heavy-duty construction tool is commonly used in the construction industry for repairs, buildings and remodeling. As safety is the top priority in any construction job; one should adhere to certain safety rules especially while working with diamond blades or other diamond tools.

As it is said, ‘prevention is better than cure’, here are certain safety tips that you must keep in mind while handling these types of equipment, especially a diamond blade:

  1. Ensure that the diamond blade to be installed is not damaged. The blade should be free from any worn out marks and should be the right kind of blade for the surface to be cut. There are different blades manufactured by your diamond tool manufacturers for unlike surface applications.
  2. Avoid wearing needless accessories while doing any construction work. Load yourself with all precautionary gears before starting the work. The list includes safety footwear, glasses, comfy-fitting clothes, head gear, etc.
  3. Make sure you load the diamond blade on the saw in the right direction of movement. Putting the blade in the wrong direction can affect the output greatly and also reduce the efficiency and life of the blade.
  4. Read the user manual thoroughly for manufacturer recommendations on specification of material to be cut. Not all diamond blades can be used for dry cutting, ensure that you have the right blade for the right purpose. Also, be sure of the blade diameter and operating (RPM) speed before starting your work.
  5. You must have the correct respiratory safety gear to avoid inhaling harmful elements like airborne dust that tends to cause while cutting surfaces.
  6. Do not stand in direct line while operating the diamond tool.
  7. When using diamond saw blades for longer applications, allow some cooling time in between.

Remember! When used properly with all safety measures, diamond tools can give great results.

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