The Future of Diamond Blades

The Future of Diamond Blades | Blades and Bits

The use of diamond saw blades is poised to continue its growth well beyond 2019 and Blades & Bits is primed and ready for what’s ahead! The United States is one of the largest markets for diamond saw blades as they are used for a wide range of applications from cutting glass and ceramics to metals and stone. Construction and remodeling projects across the US are showing no signs of slowing and diamond blades are being used more each day. First time homeownership is on the rise and many current homeowners are enjoying remodeling rather than moving into a bigger, more expensive home while businesses expand and upgrade their facilities thanks to record profits and low unemployment.

With the inevitable influx of new retailers to the market, it’s especially important to go with someone you can trust. That’s why Blades & Bits is dedicated to helping our customers find the blades that will last the longest while delivering the cleanest cuts at the most affordable prices possible. It can be difficult to understand which blade will be best suited for your particular project and our dedicated team knows exactly which blades to use for cutting every possible type of material.

Whether for wet or dry cutting, diamond blades provide the cleanest cuts for hard materials without cracking or chipping your expensive tiles, countertops, and the like. We’ll guide you through choosing the right blades for your project and help you understand how best to utilize your new diamond blades and when they need to be replaced. Using our expertise as a guide, you can rest assured that your DIY or construction project will go smoothly while our diamond blades save you time, money, and frustration. From continuous rim to segmented diamond blades with the deepest gullets, we’ve got it all at prices you can’t pass up!

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Blades & Bits is a top manufacturer of professional and industrial-grade diamond saw blades, drill bits, and cutting tools. Our selection of diamond blades and diamond drill bits are built for high performance using the highest grade diamonds, and other materials to ensure quality, power, and longevity.

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Blades and Bits has a complete line of diamond cup wheels that are used by contractors all over the world for a reason. They are built for high performance and their prices are economically stable. Blades and Bits has informed and knowledgeable customer care representatives eager to assist you with any questions about your diamond cup wheels or diamond blades related needs.


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