Using the Green Giant Diamond Saw Blade

Using the Green Giant Diamond Saw Blade | Blades and Bits

The Green Giant diamond saw blade is one of our favorite and most popular blades for cutting concrete, block, brick, masonry, and so much more. Contractors and construction professionals alike are always looking for ways to save time and money on their projects and the Green Giant does just that. This blade is a top choice compared to other masonry and concrete cutting blades thanks to its many compelling features. So, let’s look at what makes this blade some versatile and well-liked diamond saw blade.

The Green Giant diamond blade has a 15mm segment height of high-quality cutting diamonds to ensure the edge maintains its ability to cut clean, straight lines for longer than conventional blades. The blade has wide, deep gullets to keep debris from building up and increasing airflow which reduces heat and aids in the blades longevity. The medium bond of the Green Giant allows it to work better with soft and hard materials without overexposure keeping the blade able to cut clean lines longer. The blade can run at up to 5,400 RPM and is perfect for wet or dry cutting of concrete, masonry, sandstone, Terra Cotta, clay, brick, and much more!

The Green Giant diamond saw blade is designed for electric handheld and table saws, as well as walk-behind saws at up to 35 horsepower. This long-lasting diamond saw blade is a must have for contractors and any homeowner embarking on a DIY project involving cutting concrete and masonry. Wet or dry, the Green Giant will make your job easier, faster, and more affordable than ever!

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