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Blades and Bits

GT Lion Diamond Blade

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14-inch Diamond Saw Blades

The GT Lion diamond saw blade is a versatile blade for wet or dry cutting of ductile and cast iron, PVC, reinforced concrete, steel, wood and more. This blade has a high tensional .125 steel core with varying segment heights designed for increased airflow. This helps reduce heat and remove debris while in use for cleaner, straighter cuts. This blade is perfect for walk behind saws and contractors who need a powerful blade able to cut a wide range of materials with ease. The GT Lion diamond saw blade has MBS 950 surface set diamonds engineered for aggressive cutting.

Order the GT Lion to start enjoying fast, clean cuts for your biggest and toughest jobs without breaking the bank. This is an affordable and durable option that's sure to give you the advantage you need to get the job done. 


20mm Segment Height
Use Wet or Dry

Cutting Blade

ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete pipe, steel, wood.


Super Soft Bond
Cast Iron Pipe
Ductile Iron
Limestone (dense)
River Rock

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