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Super G Diamond Blade

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High-Speed Diamond Saw Blade

At Blades & Bits, we carry the Super G Supreme Signature Series diamond saw blades for cutting through a wide variety of materials, including cured and green concrete, asphalt, brick and more. The Super G high-speed blades come with a vented core and dropped segs to increase airflow while removing slurry and driving through hard surfaces faster and easier than ever before. Super Sonic all-terrain blades come with a 9/14 segment height and varying diamond grit sizes for clean cuts through a wide range of materials. This blade works for both wet and dry cutting applications and is one of the most versatile blades on the market.

The Super G diamond blades are built to withstand rugged, frequent use and are perfect for both contractors and homeowner DIY projects. 


9/14 Segment Height


Use Wet or Dry

Cutting Blade

cured concrete, brick, block, concrete pipe, green concrete, pavers over sand, asphalt & asphalt over concrete.


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