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T-Segmented Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

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T-Seg Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

The high-quality and aggressive nature of the T-Seg Cup Wheel provides smooth grinding action for concrete, masonry, and stone surface grinding applications. This innovative cup wheel leaves little to no swirl marks. Field tests prove that the T-Seg Cup Wheel will give longer life than most grinding cup wheels on the market! This diamond tool is reliable and frequently used by flooring contractors, masons, concrete contractors, renovators, and much more.

The T-Seg Cup Wheel has a longer working life with fast removing speed enabling less working fatigue and easing the workload overall. These segmented grinding wheels are considered one of the best in the market today because they deliver excellent performance with long-lasting life expectancy. The advanced design is built for high-performance surface grinding for concrete, tile, and asphalt surfaces and works efficiently to remove surface coatings, glue, urethanes, mastic, and paint. This grinding tool is ideal for contractors who are concerned with upfront costs, performance, and reliability.

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